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We help active minded people in Northamptonshire who want to keep active but feel like their body is letting them down.

Whether you’re sporty or simply want to be more involved with your family, we aim to clear the clutter and get you moving forwards.  We will help to remove any reliance upon pain medications and frequent trips to your doctor and instead, offer you a better path to a happier, healthier and more active future.

We aim to become the place where people can find the right advice and guidance about their aches, pains or worries and help keep them doing what they love to do best!

This is our blog where we talk all things injury, pain and whats going on in our world!


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Why you shouldn’t do ‘Functional’ Exercise (at least not right away)

“Functional movement patterns” or “Functional exercise” is all the rage these days which is great to see. Effectively researched and evidenced based exercises and drills are what a lot of us have been striving towards for many years now. Gone are the days of the archaic rituals and “Back and Bi’s” routines for many ofContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t do ‘Functional’ Exercise (at least not right away)”


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